A Solid Sunday

Hi friends,

Judah had a very solid day today. He is adjusting to his chest being closed and all of his vitals are where they should be. He had a fever last night, (which is normal for patients who have undergone chest closures) but it dropped steadily overnight and was totally gone today. He opened his eyes for about an hour this afternoon, which was really good to see after his procedure yesterday. We love being able to have eye contact!

The next big thing is getting his breathing tube out. They started weaning him down last night and the hope is to have him breathing on his own by tomorrow afternoon! They warned that every baby does this at their own pace so we shouldn’t get our hopes up too high.

We praise God and give Him glory for bringing Judah through to this point. HLHS is almost always caught during¬†pregnancy, so the fact that they noticed a problem before it became dangerous is a¬†miracle. Let’s pray that Judah will continue to breath more and more on his own and that they’ll be able to remove the tube early this week.

Also, today, three of Liz’s sisters came home from a two week missions trip to Ghana, Africa. They left the day Liz went into labor, so this was their first chance to meet Judah. Because there was very limited internet and phone access, we had a lot of catching up to do. We feel very blessed to have so much family around.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens tomorrow. We love you all and want to thank you so much for believing with us for our little Judah!

Much love,
Nick & Liz

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