Big Day!

Hey friends,

We had a pretty big (and great) day! Judah had a good night. When we came in this morning they were very optimistic about take his breathing tube out, and that’s exactly what they did! Within seconds of removing the tube Judah even appeared to be smiling (see above photo). He was immediately doing well and visibly better than the last time they tried extubating him. Throughout the day he has remained steady and has been breathing well. Last time, his BPM (breaths per minute) were in the 40-60 range and you could see him working hard to breathe. Now he looks very comfortable and his BPM are in the low 30’s, which is exactly where we want him. It is always a possibility that they will have to re-intubate him again, but we hope and pray that won’t happen. We feel like this is the first time we’ve been able to interact with him. It’s been a really great afternoon!

In addition to getting his breathing tube out, they also removed the chest (drainage) tube that has been in since the heart surgery 19 days ago. The output had dropped to almost nothing so they felt comfortable taking it out. His will still have the other chest tube in on his left side (that was put in yesterday during his diaphragm surgery). This will hopefully be removed by the end of the week.

Since his surgery yesterday he has been on IV fluids but tomorrow the doctors will try to figure out what the best method is to give him nutrients. They aren’t sure if they will go back to some type of formula or breast milk. As I mentioned in this post, Judah’s body had a hard time handling the fat that’s naturally in breast milk. The problem is he needs the calories from the fat in order to grow, so we aren’t sure what they will decide to do. Our hope is that he’ll be able to take whatever he needs through his mouth and not have to keep the feeding tube that’s going in through his nose, or even worse, need to have a G-Tube put into his stomach.

Here are our prayer requests:
– that he would continue to breathe on his own with no complications
– that God would give the doctors wisdom in deciding how to feed him
– that Judah would be able to take food (liquids) by mouth and his body would be able to handle fats and grow

Thanks everyone for your constant prayer and support. You’re all the best!

Much love,
Nick & Liz

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