Chest closing procedure happening at 11AM

We just heard from the doctors that they will be closing Judah’s rib cage around 11am today.

Last night wasn’t the greatest night he’s had. His heart was a bit irregular so they had to put him back on a pacemaker to help him with that. This is a temporary line that goes into his chest and is connected to a external machine. This is not a traditional “in chest” pacemaker. Even though they had to do this they are still confident now is the right time to close him.

Someone reminded of something I heard a friend say years ago: It’s safer for me to be on a boat, in the sea, in the middle of a storm if that’s where God has me than to be in “safety” on the shore. Today, we’re on the boat but we’re so¬†grateful¬†we’re not alone.

Please continue to pray for our baby Judah. Here are some specifics:
– that God would be with the doctors during this procedure
– that his heart would become strong enough to not need any machines to regulate it.
– that the procedure will go smoothly and there will be no complications.
– that his body will tolerate his chest being closed in every way.
– that there would be no infection after the procedure. (This is a very real risk that may not be caught until after he is closed.)

Also, I’ve been told that some of you have subscribed to the blog but aren’t getting the email notices. If this is you, check your “spam” folder and make sure your email program isn’t marking them as “spam”.

I’ll update you all when they are done.


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