Chest Closure Tomorrow

Hey everyone,

Judah had a pretty good day today. His vitals have been good and he’s continuing to lose the fluids he needs to. Earlier today we heard from the doctors that he is scheduled to have his chest closed tomorrow morning sometime between 10-12. They anticipate that things will go well because his body has reacted so well to everything so far. They also did warn that things don’t always go perfect and there is still plenty of risk involved. Because things didn’t go so well the first time they tried this procedure, they will watch him closely for 18-24 hours after the closure to be sure things are okay. To be honest with you all, I wish we could just skip to Sunday but this is one of those times you can’t go around the storm, you have to go through it. It’s going to be a long 24 hours for us so please keep us in your prayers.

Please pray…
– that he will stay stable through the night and into the morning.
– that he will continue to lose all the fluids that he needs to.
– that the procedure will go smoothly and there will be no complications.
– that his body will tolerate his chest being closed in every way.
– that there would be no infection after the procedure. (This is a very real risk that may not be caught until after he is closed.)

We are so incredibly grateful for the prayers and support you have shown us over the past two weeks. We are believing not only for the things I have listed, but also for complete healing in Judah’s body. Thank you all so much for believing with us!

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I will let you know when they take him in tomorrow morning and how things went once its done.

Much love,
Nick & Liz

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