Discharged! (2/3/15)

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Judah playing this morning

We’ve been discharged! This is exactly what we hoped for!

Judah did very well overnight and this morning. The dose of Prednisone helped a lot. The thought is that he either recovered and then relapsed or he caught a different virus after he got better. Overall, Judah seems much better and is getting back to himself. He’s been put on a longer and stronger course of Prednisone. We’re hoping this will help him get 100% healthy. Now, we’re just hoping to get a good night of sleep before baby girl arrives!

I’ll also mention here that Liz and the baby are both doing great. We had some extra testing done and she is perfectly healthy! We can’t wait to meet her!

Thank you all for praying and supporting us. It means a lot!

Much love,
Nick & Liz