Friday Afternoon Update

Hi friends,

Judah had another good night! They changed the tape around this mouth that holds his breathing tube in, so that looks much better. They also washed his hair, (it gets pretty greasy from everyone touching his head) so he’s looking extra good today. The doctors have decided to wait until tomorrow to close Judah’s chest. He’s just not quite “thin” enough yet. I’ll give more details tonight.

Yesterday was the first time Liz and I felt free to leave the hospital (to do something other than driving to another hospital) since she went into labor almost 2 weeks ago. Some family came up and we went out to eat for Thanksgiving. It was hard to leave, but we know he’s got the best care in the world. There was the temptation to feel guilty or to feel that you’re being a bad parent by leaving, but we felt like this was a good and healthy thing for us. (Plus we were only going a few miles away.) These past few weeks have been so full of ups and downs, but we know God is in control and we choose to trust Him in everything.

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