Good Day

Today was a good day!

It seems like we’ve been able to find the right combination of feeds and meds, which we’re very grateful for! Today has been the best day he’s had all week. We held him for a lot of the day which was really great.

They are continuing to wean him off the breathing tube. The doctors are looking at extubating (taking the tube out) him Sunday or Monday. Nothing is set in stone, so we’ll see what happens. We’re really hoping for a calm Christmas Day but not much is guaranteed around here.

The short term goal is for Judah to continue to rest, grow and get stronger, everywhere in his body but especially in his lungs. So that’s our prayer request for today.

We are continually amazed at the response so many of you have towards our Judah. Your messages and words of encouragement mean so very much to us. Many of you have been steadily praying for us and for Judah, and even giving cards and gifts. We are so incredibly grateful and blessed by you all. Let’s continue to join our hearts together and believe for God to heal and do great things in Judah!

Much, much love,
Nick & Liz

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