Hello Enfaport II


Hey everyone,

If you were following our blog last year, you might remember this blog post about Enfaport. The problem then is the same problem now: a¬†chylothorax. Basically, until this heals (in about 6 weeks), his body can’t handle a diet that has fat in it. We know this is a problem because the drainage from his chest tube is cloudy instead of a yellowish-clear. Yesterday, we switched him to Enfaport, a nonfat formula, and we are already seeing an improvement. This really isn’t a big deal and it shouldn’t keep us here much longer than we already expected.

At this point, our largest obstacle in getting home is his chest tube. The color needs to pretty much be clear and the amount that comes out needs to be consistently very low. He has been decreasing pretty steadily so we are grateful for that! Our other big concern is infection. So far, it’s been good but the risk is high for someone that has a trach so close to the incision. We, along with our nurses, have been extremely vigilant about his chest dressing but it doesn’t take much to cause a problem.

Please be praying for a clearing up (in color) and a drastic decrease in the amount of drainage from his chest. Also that there would be no infection or any other complications.

Judah is very much back to his happy self. We’re so happy about this! We stopped his round-the-clock doses of tylenol and he has done great. We thought it would be weeks until he was back to himself but it’s only taken a week! We’re very grateful for such a happy baby.

Thank you all so much for your prayers! They mean the world to us!

Much love,
Nick & Liz