Hello Enfaport

Hey friends,

We’ve had a pretty good day. They did notice that Judah’s fluid from his chest has turned from almost clear to a milky color indicating that his body is not able to absorb the fat that’s in the milk. This is something we were hoping would not happen, (as talked about in this post) but did, so now they will need to address it. For now, they have changed him over from breast milk to a special formula called Enfaport which comes with much of the fat already in a form that he can handle. We are talking about some different options with the doctors and we will have more information on what this means soon. Other than that, Judah has been stable and and is still very cute.

Tomorrow I’ll be gone for the whole day to shoot a wedding in Buffalo. For those of you that don’t know, wedding photography/videography is something I love and of the ways I make a living. This is the first time either one of us will be gone for more than a few hours so please keep us all in prayer as it will be difficult to be gone from his bed side for so long. Thank you all so much for sticking with us through this!

Much Love,
Nick and Liz

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