…Judah needs a cannula…

Yep. Not a huge (or unexpected) step back, but Judah does still need the nasal cannula to help him get extra oxygen. He is breathing pretty good on his own but not yet 100%. He also has A TON of mucus in his throat and is having a very hard time getting it up. With almost every breath you can hear it in his throat. He doesn’t yet know how to cough, and even if he did, it would probably hurt too much to do so. Having recently (Tuesday) had surgery on his diaphragm, his left side is still very tender. Also, because he had a breathing tube in for so long (and just having that removed on Wednesday) his throat is very sore. So, not a lot going for him getting the mucus out other than time (and prayers of course).

On a positive note, we began turning the stored breast milk into “skim” milk by letting it separate and taking out the fat. As I mentioned in this post, Judah’s body can’t process fats very well, (which will heal with time) so this is a great way to get him the natural nutrients he needs without giving him the part he can’t handle. They are also adding flax seed oil and walnut oil as well as a powder that adds calories to the milk to give Judah everything he needs. So far, it’s been going well.

Prayer needs:
– Judah needs to get out all the mucus in his airways so he can breathe easier. (And be much happier!) Please pray that would happen.
– Strength for his lungs. He needs to build up strength and be able to breathe 100% on his own.
– General healing for his body. His chest opening is still healing, his side is still tender from the incision on Tuesday, his throat is sore from the breathing tube and his back side is still pretty raw from all the diaper changes.
– His heart. Although we got through the first surgery well, kids with HLHS need another surgery sometime between 4 and 9 months old, and at least one more around the age of five. Even after that it’s possible he’ll need a pacemaker or maybe even a heart transplant. They said he’d never be a football or soccer player, but we believe in a God who’s name is above all these things. We believe that He can heal Judah’s heart and that is our prayer.

Thank you all so much for believing and standing with us!

With all the love possible,
Nick & Liz

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