Judah Turned One!

From one of Judah’s favorite nurses

Hey friends,

Well, it’s been a very up and down couple of days for us. His fever would come and go without any explanation as to what was causing it. He had been on antibiotics since Friday and getting regular doses of Tylenol and Motrin, and the fever would still spike through. Because all of his tests and cultures kept coming back negative, everyone has been at a loss. Today, we decieded to stop the antibiotics and the fever has been gone since late morning. Whether it’s a coincidence or a direct result, no one’s sure yet. We just hope it doesn’t return.

In other good news, Judah turned one yesterday! It’s been an unbelievable year for the three of us. One year ago today they gave us the news of Judah’s heart defect. Needless to say, it completely wrecked us. We’re so grateful that he has made it through so many hardships. Just the fact that he was able to sit on our laps tonight and watch a movie with us fills our hearts with joy.

More good news

  • His drainage was low enough over the weekend that they removed the chest tube yesterday morning. He’s happy about that!
  • He passed his swallow test (pharyngogram) with flying colors! He’s also started drinking (a very small amount of) water from a sippy cup and baby food from a spoon! This is a HUGE step that we didn’t expect to happen until winter-spring. He’s not taking a lot yet but the fact that he wants it is amazing!
  • The amount of times he throws up during the day has dramatically dropped since surgery and since switching formulas.

Even though we’re still here we have a lot to be grateful for. Please continue to pray that the fever does not return and Judah has a good night. If that happens, we start to talk about going home.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us through this past year. Your words, prayers and gifts have blessed us beyond what our words can say. We’re so grateful for what God has brought us through and that He has never left our side.

Thank you!

Much, much love,

Nick & Liz

“Reading” a birthday card
From Aunt Alicia and Alex
Sweeeeeet potatoes!
A drum to beat on (or eat) from Grandma
Cookie cake!
Mmmm, frosting!
Bouncing in is jumper with his trademark lips