Laughing and Playing

Hey friends,

Things have been going very well!

There hasn’t been a lot to report lately because things are going smoothly and not much has been happening.

Judah has been growing well. Today, he had a doctors appointment with our pediatrician and got his 4 month vaccinations (yeah, he’s a little behind), but he took ’em like a champ! When we left the hospital he was 12.8lbs and we’ve had some trouble getting his weight up. Two weeks ago we came up with a solid plan with our nutritionist to help Judah gain weight. At that time he was 13.3lbs and today he’s up to 14lbs! We are planning on increasing his amount of calories and the volume this week. Since he was born, Judah has always had a difficult time adjusting to food increases. Please pray that he will be able to adjust quickly and continue growing.

Judah is progressing well in the areas that “normal” babies do. His head control, hand-eye coordination, and curiosity are all progressing really well. He’s beginning to sit up for a few seconds and even play with his toys. Over the weekend his aunt Mary got him laughing and we caught it on video (below). Few things in life bring as much joy as seeing him so happy. We’re truly grateful for our Judah. He’s the best kid ever!

Please continue to believe with us for healing in Judah’s body. For his heart, his lungs, his diaphragm and all the little things as well.

Thank you all so much for following our story and praying for our Judah!

Much love,
Nick & Liz