Let’s get that trach out!

Washer Letters 2

As many of you know, Judah has been doing very well since having his second heart surgery in October. He’s been growing, babbling a lot, learning to walk, and most importantly, he hasn’t needed a ventilator in 4 weeks! We are constantly in awe of how blessed we are to have Judah. It’s amazing how much joy he brings us and those around him. God has been so good to us!

Early Monday morning, we will take Judah into Strong Memorial Hospital for a bronchoscopy. This is where they will look down his throat with a camera to make sure his upper airways are wide enough to support him breathing without the trach. (For full details about why, read our last post here.)

If his airways are clear, they will remove the trach (decannulation) right then, cover the stoma (hole where the trach was) and let it close naturally. (When the stoma is allowed to close naturally, it can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months.) After a couple days of observation in the hospital, we’ll be able to go home with no trach!

If they find that his upper airways are narrow, it will most likely be due to acquired scar tissue (from having a breathing tube in for his first couple months). If this is the case, they would have to remove the scar tissue. This would extend our stay in the hospital to about a week. 

We ask that you stand with us in prayer, that they will find his airways 100% open, that the trach will be removed without any complication, and that we’ll be back home soon.

Whatever the outcome, we are so excited to be able to close this chapter of our lives. I still remember the first time we heard the word “trach” and how hard it hit us. To be here, now, is an amazing feeling. We truly praise God for how far Judah has come.

We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers. Please keep them coming!

Much love,
Nick & Liz