Merry Christmas!

The view from Judah’s room

Liz and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for following our story and praying for us and for our Judah!

Judah had a bit of a tough time today. They lowered the rate on his ventilator as low as they would without taking the breathing tube out. He did okay at first but then was visibly having a hard time breathing, so they decided to turned it back up. He’s much happier now but we did take a step back. Also, this morning his left lung was “down”, meaning instead of being full of air it had some fluid or mucus in it. This afternoon they did another X-Ray and it was “up,” or, full of air. So there are some things that aren’t quite right yet. He’ll probably need a few more days with the breathing tube in.

Please pray that his lungs gain strength so we can get him breathing on his own and get him over this hurdle.

Even though Judah didn’t have the greatest day, he was good up until the late afternoon. This allowed Liz and I to have the Christmas morning that we were hoping for. We hung out in Judah’s room, exchanged presents, ate monkey bread, and watched “A Christmas Story”. It was really nice. Once Judah was settled we visited with our families and went out to eat all together. All in all we had a good day. We truly hope you and your family had a great day as well. We thank God for the grace to be able to enjoy life in the midst of this hard season. Thank you all for caring and supporting us during this time. Let’s get Judah off this ventilator!!

Much love,
Nick & Liz

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