Night Out On The Town!

Hey everyone,

We had a great day! It’s so nice to be able to say that so often!

Today, we were able to take Judah out for dinner! We were very excited, but he didn’t seem too impressed. :) The whole thing was pretty uneventful (which is how we like things). There was a lot to take with us but thankfully the stroller we got before he was born was able to fit everything in it nicely.

Things are progressing well. As we stated in Saturday’s post, we are moving into a house in the first week of March so we aren’t planning on going home until after we move. Also, we are expecting to stay another 2-3 weeks (from now) for the nursing situation to get completely solidified.

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, comments and messages! It’s so great to know so many of you care about us and think of us as often as you do.

Please continue to pray for Judah! We are still believing God for a miracle in Judah’s heart and lungs. We would love it if you believed with us!

Much love,
Nick & Liz

Here are a few photos from today.