Not Bad, Not Great

Hey friends,

Judah had a good morning, but a not-so-great afternoon. He was agitated for much of the evening and his “sats” (oxygen saturation) dropped a few times. He seems to have settled for now and we’re hoping he remains calm throughout the night. They have gradually been weaning his oxygen down, getting him ready for the tube to be removed. But since he didn’t have a great evening, they’re going to keep his levels where they’re at through tonight, and re-evaluate in the morning. They were aiming for tomorrow to extubate him but we’re not sure what they’ll do now. We are a little concerned because as they’ve been weaning him, we’ve started to notice him doing a little head bobbing. Since Judah was born, head bobbing has always been a sign of him working to breathe. In the morning, we and the doctors will decide if he should be extubated. The last thing we want is for him not to be ready and have to be re-intubated for the fourth time.

Please pray:

  • that Judah will remain steady through the night, without any sat drops
  • that he will continue to grow and get stronger, especially in his lungs
  • that God would give wisdom to us and to the doctors tomorrow when we make the decision about whether or not to extubate him
  • the God would heal Judah’s body completely

We believe that the name of Jesus is above every name, including sickness and desease. Please join your hearts with ours as we cry out for God to touch Judah’s body.

Much love,
Nick & Liz

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