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This was originally posted on Facebook November 13th, 2 days after his birth.

Hey Everyone,

First let me say that Liz and I have been so overwhelmed with your love and care. We really can’t put into words how blessed we feel already. It’s been a whirlwind the last few days but we have felt God’s grace and strength. Thank you for praying for us! Thank you for posting and re-posting the news of our baby Judah. And thank you for believing for healing with us! We believe that

God is able to heal him and we stand in faith until we see it come to pass.

We’ve been in three hospitals in as many days but last night we were able to get our first decent night’s sleep since last Thursday. Liz is recovering well despite a long labor and an early discharge in order to be with Judah.

A little about what’s happened so far:
Judah is beautiful! He’s been through a lot but is still very cute! He’s stubborn and a fighter and we’re okay with that. He was born in Batavia on Sunday morning and his first 24 hours were great. He scored a 9/10 on his APGAR test and was unusually alert for a newborn. However, yesterday morning he was breathing a little fast and seemed more subdued. By the afternoon he was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo where we were informed he has a heart defect called “Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome”. If you would like all the details please send a **private message** to Kayren Lonneville and she will include you on the email list. Basically, the left side of his heart doesn’t function properly and without surgery would not survive more than a week. Once we were informed of the diagnosis, we were told that the only hospital in the area that does this procedure is Strong Memorial in Rochester. Today, we all arrived at Strong and are staying at the Ronald McDonald house. He is tentatively scheduled for surgery on Friday. This will be the first of 3 surgeries over the next few years and will be the longest (about 8-9 hours). There is a 70% success rate with this procedure.

Our belief is that God is able to heal Judah completely. We ask you to stand in faith with us. If Judah is not miraculously healed before his surgery we ask that you would pray for the surgeon and his team, for a successful outcome, and a quick recovery.

Thank you all for your prayers! Please forgive us if we don’t respond to your emails, messages and texts. We’re doing our best but things are a bit crazy right now.

Please keep posting!

We love you all,
Nick and Liz

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