Photo Blog!

Hey everyone,

Judah is doing very well! It looks like he’s over whatever he had and his rash is mostly gone! The drainage is still dropping so everything is looking great right now.

Please continue to pray that there would be no other complications and we would be able to bring him home soon.

I’ve put together a bunch of pictures from our time here. They’re in chronological order. Enjoy!

Much love,
Nick, Liz, and Judah

Here are a few from the day before his surgery.Judah_Glenn_1-6112 Judah_Glenn_1-6116 Judah_Glenn_1-6122 Judah_Glenn_1-6138 Judah_Glenn_1-6153

Getting ready for surgeryphoto (23)

Post-op. Very puffy!Judah_Glenn_1-6180


Playing with mommy!Judah_Glenn_1-6192 Judah_Glenn_1-6195 Judah_Glenn_1-6245 Judah_Glenn_1-6264

Big boy!Judah_Glenn_1-6276

Watching TV with momma!Judah_Glenn_1-6325 Judah_Glenn_1-6329 Judah_Glenn_1-6332 Judah_Glenn_2-6377 Judah_Glenn_2-6382 Judah_Glenn_2-6440

Aunt Mary!Judah_Glenn_2-6455 Judah_Glenn_2-6473 Judah_Glenn_2- Judah_Glenn_2-6506 Judah_Glenn_2-6513 Judah_Glenn_2-6607 Judah_Glenn_2-6615 3 pics Judah_Glenn_2-6654 Judah_Glenn_2-6674