Judah watching videos of himself in the ED
Judah watching videos of himself in the ED
Hi everyone, I know it’s been a looooong time since we’ve posted anything. Mostly, it’s because not too much has happened since the summer. The biggest news is that we’re expecting our second baby…on Thursday. Yep, Thursday. Baby girl Dantonio is fully grown and should be ready to make her appearance any day now.

Up until last week Judah has been doing great. He’s been growing, talking, playing – it’s been amazing! I think that’s one of the reasons there haven’t been any updates on the blog. We have really enjoyed just being “normal”.

About a week ago, Judah was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was put on Prednisone, Amoxicilin and Albuterol, and by Saturday, he was doing very well. Yesterday evening, he started to show signs of sickness again. This morning, we took him in to his doctor and she wanted him to be seen at Strong.

They compared his X-rays from last week to today and they actually look a little worse today. Thankfully, about half the time he seems fine and happy. But he’s also very whiney and easily upset. They were on the fence about sending us home, but to be safe, we all decided that he should stay, at least over night. Also, since Liz is due on Thursday, we didn’t want to take the chance of Judah getting worse and for Liz to go into labor at the same time.

He’s been put back on a steroid and a stronger antibiotic. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll all feel good about him going home and we’ll be discharged.

We knew staying a day (or more) was a good possibility, so we came with a bag with what we needed for a few days. We are also making arrangements for Liz to have the baby here if that should happen. Our hope is that we will be sent home soon and Judah will get well before the baby comes.

We ask for your prayers and your faith. We have always believed that God is bigger than the problems we face. This isn’t a surprise to Him. We know He hears our every cry and prayer. We know His grace will see us through!

Thanks for believing with us!

Much love,
Nick & Liz