Possible Infection

Hey everyone,

Just a brief update. Judah was pretty crabby throughout the day and it now looks like he may have an infection. This comes as no surprise because of the close proximity of the trach and the incision site on his chest. Antibiotics were started this evening and they have taken all kinds of blood work and samples. We should know more details over the next few days. At this point they fully expect him to respond quickly to the antibiotics and be back to normal by Thursday. He’s also been very itchy. He had a bad rash at the end of last week that has largely cleared up but he’s been itching around his drainage tube site and trach area a lot. We’re not really sure why but we would love it if it wasn’t an issue.

Please be praying for the infection to be healed and his itchiness to subside. Our God is able.

Much love,
Nick & Liz