Post Tracheostomy

Hey everyone,

Judah came back up around 5PM with the tracheostomy tube in. When they looked again they found the same problem in one of his bronchial tubes. He is now resting comfortably. We are thankful that the procedure went well and glad we can see his whole face!

For the next week they will keep a close eye on the incision area and the trach tube. He will stay somewhat sedated so he doesn’t try to grab at anything. After that, we’ll start talking about the discharge timeframe. As we said in Thursday’s post, we’ll need to work with our social worker and doctors to line up at-home care for Judah. That could be the thing that keeps us here the longest.

As far as today goes, we of course really wanted them to find no problem at all in Judah’s airways, but that isn’t what happened. We will continue to trust God and, even though we don’t know why He didn’t heal Judah today, we still know He is a good God. We know He has an amazing plan for Judah’s life and can’t wait to see it unfold!

Thank you for believing with us! We ask that you keep believing for God’s hand on Judah’s life as we begin to look towards getting him home. Please pray for a quick and smooth recovery and that God would provide the right nurses for when that time comes.

Much love,
Nick and Liz