Prayer Request

Hey friends,

I planned on giving you a detailed update from the past week but instead I’m just going to ask you to pray for Judah tonight. He’s had a rough few days. Over the weekend he had a lot of trouble keeping his food down. This could be because of a few reasons. The most likely reason is because we changed his formula a bit last week. This afternoon and tonight he seemed to do better with Pregestimil, which is very easy for babies to digest. Also this afternoon, Judah had a very thick plug (of mucus) in his trach which caused his blood oxygen levels to drop and the nurse had to “bag” him. (This allows the nurse to manually give him breaths. This gives the nurse the ability to actually feel if there is any resistance when she squeezes the bag. For more info on “bagging”, click here: Ambu Bag.) Thankfully, his airways were clear and the nurse was able to put him back on the ventilator. At this point, (now that his airways are clear), his oxygen saturation levels should have come back up right away. They did not. Because they didn’t, they had to put an IV line in and put heart monitor leads on his chest. After about 30 mins his sats come back up and have been good since then. They would like for him to bounce back right away after a plug like that so we’re hoping the next time is better.

Although he has been able to keep his food down, he has had tons of extremely think mucus. So thick that he can’t cough it up so he ends up gagging and throwing it up. It’s possible that he’s starting to get a cold and that’s the source of the extra mucus. They did take an x-ray this afternoon and, thankfully, that looked clear.

On top of all of this, he’s starting to teethe.

Please pray that Judah is able to continue to keep his food down and that the mucus thins out and is able to be dealt with normally. Also, please pray that he does not have a cold or any other sickness. Something as simple as a cold can be very dangerous for Judah. Let’s believe for a good night and no sickness for him!

We thank God for his grace and peace through this season. He has truely kept us during this time. We continue to put our trust in Him and hope that you do as well.

Much love,
Nick & Liz