Return of the Fever

Hey everyone,

On Tuesday Judah wasn’t feeling great and had a fever. They ran tons of tests and cultures, but none of them came back with anything to speak of. He was put on two broad spectrum antibiotics and he turned around pretty quick. He was doing well so they took him off the meds. This morning Judah had a fever again and he’s been pretty cranky all day. Despite getting Motrin and Tylenol, his fever hasn’t broken all day. They’re currently running more tests and cultures but we won’t know much until tomorrow. His white blood cell count is normal, which is strange, because if he had an infection that number would be high. Right now, no one is really sure what the issue is so we are putting him back on the broad spectrum antibiotics.

We were looking at the very real possibility of going home on Monday, (which happens to be Judah’s 1st birthday) but now that’s in jeopardy. Above all, we want him to be well but we would also like to bring him back home.

Please be praying that his temperature would drop and that whatever is causing the fever would be healed.

Thanks so much!

Much love,
Nick & Liz