Settling In

Hey everyone,

Things have been going pretty good since my last post about a week and a half ago. Liz and I are still adjusting to being home. Training the nurses has been going well. Most of them are pretty well versed in Judah’s nuances. About half of the nights we’re able to get a good amount of sleep. Sometimes he just has a lot mucus to be suctioned out or is inconsolable because of more teething. Hopefully, this will improve as the night nurses grow more familiar with how to deal with Judah. We’re very grateful for how they care for him and we feel like we have a pretty good team.

On Sunday it seemed like Judah was getting a cold and by Monday we were sure of it. We took him to see his pediatrician. There isn’t a whole lot you can do for a baby with a cold but run tests. (Which we have yet to hear back about.) They talked about doing a nebulizer treatment with albuterol but we didn’t have the right equipment yet to attach to his ventilator. Thankfully, his cold was just about gone yesterday (Tuesday) and he’s still doing well today. Praise God for a quick recovery!

Liz and I are doing well and we’re pretty settled in. Most of the boxes are empty and the house is getting more organized by the day. It’s beginning to feel more and more like home which is a really great feeling! As the weather is changing we’re excited to enjoy our new yard and get Judah outside more. We feel incredibly blessed to have him and to be in this house. God is good.

Please continue to pray for Judah’s health. It’s very important that he doesn’t get seriously sick. We’re expecting the second (of three) heart surgery to be sometime in the early summer. He will need to be in perfect health for that. Also, please pray that our nurses continue to learn how to care for Judah’s needs. And, as always, let’s believe for a miracle in Judah’s body. Let’s believe for open, strong airways and a new heart. God is able!

Thank you all again for your incredible support! Your gifts, messages, actions, thoughts, and prayers have been such a strength for us over the past 5 months. You have carried us and we are so grateful for all of you. We pray God would return the blessing to you ten fold!

Much love,
Nick & Liz