Thursday Evening Update

Judah face without tape!

Hey friends,

Tuesday and Wednesday were both really great days. Judah was very comfortable, happy, and smiley. Today, however, has been not such a great day. He threw up a few times (which he hasn’t done in a long time) and has been running a fever most of the day. They took some samples to run cultures and other tests to look for any infection. It’s possible he has something simple like a stomach bug or something more serious like the flu that’s been going around. Please pray that Judah doesn’t have any infection or any serious illness. Also, that he would be able to sleep well without any more throw-ups.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with 5 or 6 different people from all different departments to talk about what needs to happen before we can go home. At this point (believing that Judah will be better tomorrow) they believe Judah will be ready to go home in about a week! Sadly, it will take longer than that (possibly weeks) for us to be trained in Judah’s medical care and to find in-home nurses for him.

I’ll update you with those details tomorrow or the next day.

Thank you all so, so much for your prayers through this trying season. Liz and I have truly felt them!

Remember, no news is good news.

Much love,
Nick & Liz