Judah after his first bath at home

Hey everyone,

It’s good to be home! It will definitely take us some time to get used to being here Judah, and to settle into both a new house and a new routine. These first few weeks we will be doing a lot of training with our nurses. While they all have trach/vent experience, there are still many things about Judah they aren’t familiar with. Liz and I have been taking turns staying up with them during the night shifts to make sure things go smoothly.

We’ve had a lot of people in and out since we got home on Wednesday. People from the home care nursing agency, new nurses, people from the home care supply company, etc. It’s a little strange for us but after a few weeks things will settle down. We are really enjoying being in our own space. Even though we moved last month there is still a lot of unpacking and putting away to do. Thankfully, we’re making good progress.

Judah has been doing well on his new soy based formula. We’re not ready to say that he is definitely allergic to milk but we’re going to keep him on this for a while just to be safe.

Prayer requests:
– Judah has had a yeast infection under his chin for about a week and it’s not getting much better. We’re treating it topically and by oral (via g-tube) meds. Please pray that it goes away soon!
– Please pray that the nurses learn what they need to quickly.
– Grace for Liz and I as we will not be getting a lot of sleep over the next few weeks.
– Healing over Judah’s whole body – a new heart and strong lungs!

We continue to believe that God is able to heal Judah. We won’t back down from that prayer. He is our hope. Thank you for standing with us!

Much love,
Nick & Liz