Judah’s first nap in his own crib

Hey everyone,

It’s official, we are headed home on Tuesday! Our nursing is lined up and Judah is ready! Today, Judah got his first visit to our new home. We were able to take him home for the day while we got some last minute things set up for him. He did well the whole day which helps us feel better about taking him home for good.

We are really excited about starting a new chapter in this story and are so grateful for God’s goodness to us and to Judah these past four and a half months. He has brought us peace in the most fearsome times and hope in the darkest of hours. Without Him, we truly would not be standing today. He is good and He is real.

Thank you for joining your hearts with ours since the very beginning. Your thoughts and prayers mean the world to us!

Much love,
Nick & Liz