Waiting Game

Hey Friends,

On Monday we were hoping that Judah would be ready to have the breathing tube removed. However, after yesterday’s set back, he just wasn’t ready. Because of this, the doctors decided this morning to try and look for anything else that might be causing issues. This led them to check his heart function, his lung function and to make sure his diaphragm is still tacked down. Thankfully, everything is functioning well so it seems like it’s just going to take more time.

Judah spit up a few times tonight, but we aren’t really sure what the cause behind it is. A few of our nurses have told us that because the cuff around the bottom of his breathing tube isn’t perfectly fitted, it tends to leak oxygen. He also sucks oxygen down when he cries, and because Judah can’t burp, the air becomes trapped in his stomach, making him feel too full and results in him spitting up. We’re hoping that is the only reason. Thankfully though, he isn’t spitting formula up like he was last week. It’s mostly mucus, which is encouraging.

Things we would love people to be praying for:

–That Judah would continue to strengthen his lungs and be able to breathe on his own soon!

–That the doctors would be able to uncover any other issues that Judah might have, and to come up with a solid game plan.

On a lighter note, today we saw Judah really smile at us for the first time! It was so exciting to see his little grin. We tried to capture it but even Nick isn’t quick enough all the time… ;)

Thank you all so much for your love and support. We’re still constantly amazed by how loved and cared for we feel from not only our friends and family, but complete strangers, too!

Much love,
Liz and Nick

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