Welp, that went well…

J & G
Judah waiting with me for Liz and Gigi to pick us up // Back home, playing in the yard

Hey everyone! In case you missed on Facebook, Judah does not need the surgery and we are back home after just an overnight stay!

After looking at Judah’s airways, the doctors saw that his airway is much more open than they thought or expected. They concluded that his airway is only 10% smaller than the average kid his age! In our mind, this is a miracle! They decided to use a laser to cut away some “webbed” scarring in a few spots, and also used a balloon to stretch it out as well. They kept him overnight, just for observation.

In a few weeks, we’ll go in for a sleep study where they’ll monitor Judah as he sleeps with his trach “capped” (plugged, forcing him to move all the air around (instead of through) his trach in his airway). If all goes well, we’ll go back into the hospital soon after that, and they’ll take out his trach (takes one second, we switch it out every two weeks), put a bandage over the stoma (hole where the trach was) and we’ll stay overnight for observation. It is the doctor’s expectation that this will all be done before the end of this summer!

This result is far better than we expected! We’re grateful to serve a God that exceeds our expectations! A few days ago, we felt we needed to stretch our faith to believe for more…and God went even further than that!

Thank you all for your prayers! If we could thank you all personally, we would. We’ll let you know how things progress from here!

Much love,
Nick & Liz