Who needs a cannula??

Judah before the cannula was taken out

Hey everyone,

As we had hoped, Judah had a great day! He has continued to breathe well on his own. Once they extubated him, they inserted a nasal cannula into his nose to give him a little extra oxygen. Overnight, they weaned him down and ultimately removed it this morning. So now, Judah is breathing 100% on his own. Most of the time he’s doing pretty good. Sometimes he seems to be working a little hard but he is still learning how to breathe on his own. He also has a lot of congestion in his airways that he’s doing his very best to clear. It would probably be a lot easier if when he coughed he didn’t scare himself so badly. :)

At this point, he’s back on Enfaport. He did seem interested and even drank a little from a bottle today as well. It seems like he wants to drink, but hasn’t quite figured out how to breathe and swallow while he has the NG tube in. We will be talking with the doctors more tomorrow about how we will move forward.

If you’re the praying type, please pray that:
– Judah would continue to breathe well on his own and his lungs would grow strong
– he would learn how to clear the congestion from his airways
– he would learn how to drink from a bottle and ultimately be able to nurse
– that his body would be able to digest the fat so he could take breast milk
– the doctors would have wisdom in deciding how to get him the nutrients he needs

Thank you all again so, so much. Your prayers and thoughts have been such a blessing to us!

Much love,
Nick & Liz

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