Worship. Always.

Photo by: Drew Koszulinski

Hi friends,

It’s been a busy few days so we’re pretty tired out, but everything has remained pretty steady with Judah. Yesterday I was gone from 9AM to 1AM to shoot a wedding in Buffalo and Liz’s mom spent the day with her. Today, we decided to go to The Fathers House for church and we met some friends from home for dinner this evening. Our home church is in Warsaw but we didn’t want to be away for so long two days in a row. We are very grateful to have such a good church so close to us. We felt encouraged and blessed to join them in worship.

I’ve learned a lot of valuable things throughout life but none was more important than the lesson I learned from my mom when I was 14. My dad had just passed away. We decided we wanted to have worship songs at the funeral. My mom normally sang on the worship team, but for this day, she stood with my sister and I in the front row. Half way through, my mom walked on stage, picked up a mic, and began to worship God with the rest of the team. It was a statement. It was something she had to do. She was going to worship God and declare that He, in the midst of tremendous and devastating loss, was still worthy to be praised. I carried this lesson from that day to this day. I learned that no matter what, you worship. Always.

Today we had a chance to worship with other believers. We did. We sang, “Through the storm, He is Lord, Lord of all.” This does something inside of you. It changes everything. When the evil of sickness and disease and tragedy comes at you like a tidal wave, and you stand in the face of it and declare that our God is worthy, everything shifts. Something inside you stirs and faith rises up. Liz and I hoped from the first day we heard the news of Judah’s heart, that even in all of this, God would use us to encourage others and point to Jesus. So today, even with our hearts still so tender and fragile, and while in the midst of this storm, we declare that God is worthy and that we will worship Him. Always.

Judah news:

There hasn’t been much change or news over the past few days. Like we’ve said, no news is good news. He has been pretty stable and we are still on track to have his surgery on Tuesday.

Tomorrow we will talk to the doctors about possibly putting in a “G-Tube” (gastrostomy tube) at the same time they operate on his diaphragm. This was brought up last week and had been something we had decided against, but now some of the doctors think it might be a good idea. So, we will talk it through tomorrow. It was our hope that he would not need one at all, but right now it looks like this might be the best option. If we decide to do it, I will fill you all in on the pros and cons tomorrow.

Please pray that Judah continues to hold down the new formula (Enfaport) as it can be harsh on the stomach the first few days. Also, that God would give us and the doctors wisdom for the decisions that need to be made tomorrow about the G-Tube. We still pray and ask God to heal Judah from all of these things. We believe He is able!

Thank you all for you constant support and prayers. It means so much to us!

Much love,
Nick and Liz

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